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Mechanical Engineer / Developer
Georgios Michalis

Georgios Michalis

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Georgios Michalis

Mechanical Engineer & Designer

Hello world! I am George and I am a mechanical engineer. A dedicated, hardworking and proactive professional with a strong background in problems solving, 3d Design, operations, project management and software development.

I have a long and solid work experience, as you can see in my portfolio.

I am currently open to any challenging opportunity to utilize my technical and soft skills in a challenging working environment. I am always striving for excellence, by trying to put high quality into everything.

Feel free to look around for my work samples and detailed description of my current skills (the list is always expanding).


Skills Overview

01 3D Design
Highly experienced on all forms of 3d modeling. CAD: More than 12,000 hours on parametric and direct, Polygonal modeling, SubDiv.
02 Rendering
Ability to create photorealistic images and animations of products and interior spaces.
03 Development
Experienced on multiple languages and embedded systems
04 Graphic Design
Experienced in multiple image editing applications (both raster and vector), and video editing.
05 Mechatronics
Experience working with microcontrollers, electronics and control theory
06 Computers
Excellent knowledge of computer architecture.


  • all
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Graphic
  • Rendering
  • Typography
Motor Controller
Motor Controller


Various Renders
Various Renders

Engineering, Rendering

Laser Cutter Design
Laser Cutter Design

Design, Engineering

Motor Design
Motor Design

Design, Engineering

Various Solidworks Jobs
Various Solidworks Jobs

Design, Engineering, Rendering

Various Design Jobs
Various Design Jobs

Design, Rendering


Design, Rendering

Logo 3D-fication
Logo 3D-fication

Design, Graphic, Rendering



Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar

Design, Engineering

Artistic Renders
Artistic Renders

Design, Rendering

Telepresence Robot
Telepresence Robot

Design, Engineering

Oceanos Sound Diffuser
Oceanos Sound Diffuser

Design, Engineering, Rendering

Various Animations
Various Animations



  • Nov 2021 - Present
    Open University Of Cyprus
    Infosec Researcher

  • June 2020 - Present
    Sigint Solutions Ltd
    Software Engineer / Electronics Engineer

    Software design and implementation for micro-controller based projects, PCB design

  • Feb 2020 - May 2020
    CBS It Ltd
    Project Manager

    Management of various projects

  • Jan 2017 - Dec 2020
    Recursive Engineering Ltd
    Engineer, Animator, Designer

    Engineering studies in various fields

  • Jan 2017 - Jan 2019
    Revmotiv Technology Company
    Project Manager - Systems Engineer

    Design and modeling of electric motors and motor controllers. Team leader on programming projects

  • Mar 2016 - Dec 2016
    Xinen Technology
    Cad Designer

    Design and simulation of battery pack moduls for electric vehicles

  • Mar 2014 - Mar 2016
    Rotary Wing Engine
    Lead Engineer

    Cad Design of power transmition systems including CAD modeling of an all mechanical continuous variable transmition and an electro-mechanical continuous variable transmission. Cad design and modeling of Metal Additive Manufacturing System (3D printing)

  • Oct 2013 - Mar 2014
    Jotis Ltd
    CAD designer

    Mapping the Factory in a 3d program (Production lines, individual machines and piping network with accurate dimensions)

  • Feb 2008 - Oct 2012
    Alpha Acoustic Ltd
    Acoustic consultant and product designer

    Design and implementation of antivibration products. Noise insulation Studies


M.Sc Computer and Network Security
Open University Of Cyprus

Computer / communication networks, cybersecurity, penetration testing, computer and network forensics, cryptography, security risk management

B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
Technological Institude of Crete

Mechanical Engineering Basic Subjects.

Mechatronics and robotics.

Engineering and engineering trades.

Advanced Certificate Of english

Detailed Skills

Computer Knowledge

• Excellent knowledge of computer architecture. Ability to troubleshoot most software or hardware problems. • Excessive knowledge of Windows systems (any version), ability to do any kind of installation or modifications needed. • Basic knowledge of Linux systems. Ability to install and modify distros, plus some minor debugging. • Touch typing. English ~90wpm, Greek ~60wpm • Virtual machines deployment

Office Applications

• General knowledge of office applications.
• Microsoft office suite (word, excel, power point, outlook and publisher). Expert knowledge
• Ability to create complex excel applications using vba
• Libre Office, Intermediate knowledge.


• C. Excessive usage in embedded applications.

• VBA. Intermediate, mainly on excel or solidworks

• Autoit Scripting.

• C#. Intermediate. Used in 3 major windows projects.

• Python. 

• JavaScript. Vanilla, Node.js & Vue

• Java. Novice to intermediate. Used on thesis and few minor projects, plus 2 android apps.

• Experience using git source management 

• Data structures and algorithms

• Unit & Integration testing.


Engineering CAD Applications

• Autocad. Intermediate. Used excessively until 2012v

• NanoCad. Novice (Additional training in progress)

• Pro/Engineer. Intermediate. Used excessively untill wildfire3 version.

• Solidworks. Expert. 12000+ hours of experience.

• Rhino 3D. Intermediate. (Additional training in progress). 200 hours of experience.

• Fusion 360. Novice. Additional training in progress). 40 hours of experience.

• Siemens Solid Edge. Novice

• Siemens NX10. Novice.

• Freecad. Intermediate.

• Geomagic Design. Novice

Computer Aided Engineering

• Solidworks flow Simulation. Intermediate

• Solidworks FEA. Intermediate

• Converge CFD. Novice. Participation on week long seminar about combustion chambers.

• Simuling. Intermediate

• Matlab. Novice to intermediate

• Octave. Novice to intermediate.

• Motorsolve. Intermediate to expert

• Kisssoft. Intermediate.


• Affinity Publisher. Novice (Additional training in progress)

• Indesign. Expert. Excessive usage up to CS6

Graphic Design

• Adobe Photoshop. Expert. Excessive usage up to CS6.

• Illustrator. Intermediate.

• Inkscape. Novice

• Affinity Photo. Intermediate. (Additional training in progress)

• Affinity Design. Intermediate. (Additional training in progress)

• Topaz Gigapixel.

• Solidworks Composer. Expert.

VFX, animation & video Editing

• Maxon Cinema 4d. Intermediate to Expert. Excessive usage in many animation projects.
Knowledge of polygonal modeling techniques, rendering and lightning techniques and texturing.
• Realflow. Intermediate.
• Xparticles. Intermediate.
• Luxion Keyshot. Expert.
• Blender3D. Novice to intermediate.
• Adobe after Effects. Intermediate. Excessive usage up to CS6
• Adobe Premiere. Intermediate. Excessive usage up to CS6.
• Davincy Resolve. Novice (Additional training in progress).
• SolveigMM Video Editor. Expert.

3d Printing

• Slic3r. Expert.
• Meshmixer. Novice. Occasional usage to clean up meshes unsuitable for 3d printing.
• Ability to design for 3d printing acknowledging any limitations related to the 3d printing method.
• Experience with FDM printers Prusa Mk3, and Creality Ender 3.


• Microchip dsPIC30 Family microcontroller. Intermediate to expect. Excessive knowledge of all the microcontroller modules

• Esp32 Microcontroller, both with arduino and ESP-IDF framework

• AVR based Microcontrollers (AT-Tiny 85, AT-Mega328, AT-Mega2560), Both bare, as in Arduino form. Intermediate Knowledge. Ability to develop complex projects.

• Arm Cortex M0, M3, M4. Cube STM Ide

• Mplab IDE, Atmel Studio, Platformio, Arduino Ide, 
• Raspberry Pi. Intermediate knowledge. Ability to develop simple to complex projects

• Circuit design. Ability to design Complex Circuits and pcb boards(Digital, analog, RF, Mixed signals)

• Autodesk Eagle.

• LT Spice

• Proteus Design Suite. Novice to intermediate knowledge.

• Soldering. Intermediate knowledge.

Specialized Skills

• CAN-Bus protocol, J1939. Excessive knowledge of the Can-Bus protocol and specially J1939.

Participation as team leader on the development of a J1939 Stack
PMSM motor design and Simulation. Ability to design a motor conceptually, simulate it (thermally and electrically),

optimize it, create the engineering drawings and help on the testing specifications.
Variable Frequency Drive motor controller, for PMSM motors. Technical Manager
• Excessive knowledge of Geometry Tolerance & Dimensioning for drawing according to ASME Y14.5-2009
Ability to Design CNC-Laser Cutter systems.

• Ability to Design 3d printers.

• Basic control theory knowledge and ability to conceptualize and implement basic PID controllers.
• Experience working with Chinese engineers

Other Skills

• Android Developer. Novice. Participation in 2 minor apps.
• Web Development. Novice. Ability to deploy and modify wordpress based websites
• Driving Licence


Greek (Native)
100 %
English (C1 Level)
90 %
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