Georgios Michalis

Mechanical Engineer / Developer

Project Category: Design

Laser Cutter Design

On some of the side projects that i was working for, a need for a large laser cutter became apparent. Unfortunately after some research, it became apparent too, that my options were 3: Get an epilog, which would be a great choice, if it wasn’t 3 times as expensive here as it is in the […]

Motor Design

System engineer on the design and engineering of 3 traction motors. The requirements were the following: Design an encoder based 105Kw SPMSM of arbitary dimensions. Design a resolved based 35Kw IPMSM of specific dimensions Design a resolver based 85Kw IPMSM of specific dimensions and torque curve for bus usage. On the scope of these project […]

Various Solidworks Jobs

Various stuff designed for practice

Various Design Jobs


Logo 3D-fication

A collection of transformation of logos in 3d form

Electric Guitar

The very first design i have ever done. Created on Proengineer Wildfire3    

Artistic Renders

A collection of various renders that i did for fun / training

Telepresence Robot

Remote Controlled Telepresence robot. Design of 2 robots on FreeCAD and prototyped via 3d printing

Oceanos Sound Diffuser

Design, simulation, rendering and animation of an irregularly shaped sound diffuser. Diffusion Tests   Video Animation