Georgios Michalis

Mechanical Engineer / Developer

Motor Design

System engineer on the design and engineering of 3 traction motors.

The requirements were the following:

  1. Design an encoder based 105Kw SPMSM of arbitary dimensions.
  2. Design a resolved based 35Kw IPMSM of specific dimensions
  3. Design a resolver based 85Kw IPMSM of specific dimensions and torque curve for bus usage.

On the scope of these project i accomplished the following things:

  • Created all the 3d cad files
  • Created 50% of all the Drafting using ASME Y14.5-2009, and proof-read the rest.
  • Performed all the electrical and thermal simulations.
  • Selected, designed and optimized the Stator/rotor/winding topology to minimize harmonics and increase efficiency

1. 105Kw SPMSM

2. 35Kw IPMSM


efficiency table

3. 85Kw IPMSM

Torque Testing